CryptoMeister is leading the field in cryptocurrency education. We strive to provide easy to follow courses so that anyone can become a digital currency training regardless of their experience level.

To do that, our cryptocurrency trading experts have pooled together years of real world trading experience into our industry leading online course Cryptocurrency Trading. As you are guided through the course, you develop the knowledge base required to navigate the markets, and the tools need to achieve your goals.

Why is Cryptocurrency Trading Such a Big Deal?

Cryptocurrencies are fast becoming an attractive option in online trading and are readily available to every level of trader. Global trading into traditional currencies of the top digital currencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum, has multiplied eight times alone in 2017 according to Jens Nordvig, founder, and CEO of Exante Data. More and more industry experts agree that cryptocurrency trading is becoming harder to ignore and might surpass more traditional trading asset classes.

Every day there are exciting new developments in digital coin trading as the industry matures and grows. CryptoMeister has identified this extreme potential and the need for high caliber training resources. Our training material has been developed to encourage new traders to join the movement and to support experienced traders on their continued path towards long-term success.

Meet The Instructor

Aedan Kelly

Professional Day Trader

Aedan Kelly is a professional day trader with over six years of trading experience, with three years of cryptocurrency trading experience. Until 2014, Aedan worked full-time as trainer for an HR firm, specializing in new employee education and integration. Aedan brings his skills as a professional trainer AND trader to CryptoMeister to make each lesson accessible to every trader – regardless of experience level.

2022-05-20 17:43:31